Change is not a hard choice to make and it’s pretty due.

On the issues of leadership and accountability…

If those in government leadership that acted as though they’re ‘above-the-law, fugitives-from-justice, runaways’ (by letting the people down from failed policies to irresponsible capacities to covered-up untruths to flagrant lies) served again… and failed again, it would be the people’s fault this time around… and accountability would never be the most earnest word ever again.

Electing those same runaway politicians is NOT a responsible route. It’s time to make them accountable for their deeds, instead.

This calls for a real change in leadership. With change, alone, the prospects of responsible accountability is given a chance – from a different perspective and a better light, and it would not be in those erring public servants’ self-serving interests anymore but in the interest of the people.

I believe Donald Trump is the leader who will lead this country into making it great again. I am happy to vote for Donald Trump for President, on November 8th, 2016. It’s the only responsible choice that guarantees me the change I am looking for.


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