An Intoxicated Storyteller

It is not something that you’d ever dreamt of attaining,

when your life was an oil-pastel painting, with a few crayons

and sky-scraping dreams carelessly scattered, strangely watched over by

the chaotic combination of R. L. Stein and Enid Blyton. No, even

when the rush of hormones caused a vivid, painful alteration to the harlequin scenery and

to those scattered jigsaw pieces, you did not want to grow up.

It did not slap you in the face- the stinging pain lasted longer than that. Instead,

it devoured your being, your soul, and parts of you that had no identity- its presence

an epidemic creeping into your flesh, celebrating the grand descent

in every scandalous step. No, adulthood did not arrive with the blood between your thighs

or the prickly hair along your jaw. You knew it was here- when you saw a monster on the other side

of the mocking…

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All my children


As the parent of multiple blogs, it seems the youngest one always gets the most attention. As the parent of multiple blogs, it seems the youngest one always gets the most attention.*

When I started Roamin’ Gnomials, I envisioned a one-size-fits-all publication that would easily encompass my scattershot approach to life. If a particular blog post didn’t resonate with one reader, I felt confident she’d come back for the next thing, which would surely be more to her liking.

Eventually, however, it sank in that no matter how much I might wish it otherwise, some things — like death and politics — just weren’t going to fit inside, so the man who long-resisted friends’ urging to write a blog now has three!

Blogs are like children, and as any parent knows, sometimes one child needs more attention than the others, which is why I’ve been away for so long. I’ve been a neglectful father, and while that’s not good, it may also be understandable. Anytime…

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When Do Politics Decide Friendship?

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

lovelyishe asked a question:

 What is your opinion on the stance that you should end a friendship because of differing political opinions? Is there a time when you believe it is best to drift apart from them or no?

Hey dear friend, this is certainly a difficult, relevant question today, as it seems political differences more than ever are not merely a disagreement of opinions, but becoming an aggressively different opinion of human value, with all kinds of dangerous implications.

I’m fortunate and blessed to have friends with a wide range of political beliefs who are open to discourse or even changing their minds. Not every person on the opposite side of politics acts like the caricatures you’ve seen online. There are many, many thoughtful people across the spectrum that do not fall easily into our biased categories.

My concern is not that everyone has to agree a particular…

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Durrow shawl

Designs by Lucy Hague


It’s been a while in the making, but I’m pleased to announce the third design in the Illuminated Knits collection is finally here – the Durrow shawl!

This design took several months to conceptualise and bring into reality. I think it might be fair to say that it’s the most complex design I’ve ever created – both in terms of the cable pattern itself, and the knitting required to achieve it. I’m very happy with the end result though, and glad that I persevered even when it was completely refusing to make sense!

In keeping with the other designs in the Illuminated Knits collection, Durrow uses a technique of cables mixed with slip stitches to create a contrast colour design – I love this technique, because it gives you the chance to play around with different colours without actually having to use stranded knitting or intarsia. The colour-work is as…

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Dimple Be Gone


FitnEss or FitnAss? Goals baby, we’re talking bout goals today.

I was so kerfuffled about this situation, that I felt compelled to write about it. Maybe there is something here.

I’ve been consistent. Lawwwwd, I’ve been consistent lately. And my booty game is getting stronger, better, and bad-asser. But something has happened. My booty got rounder, and it plumped. I wasn’t prepared for this, but… my favorite dimple on my big ole booty just…. went away. I’m talking vanished. Here today, gone tomorrow. You know how a pregnant woman gets to the end of term and she’s so full of baby that her belly button becomes an outie? That. Happened. To my dimple.

I want to talk to you about the reality of being a “big girl” my whole life, or at least this has been my view of myself. Along with that, the fear that ensued when I started…

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Saturday night selfie


Saturday night I guess is “selfie night” and now, a tradition. I like doing them because illustrations of one’s self are enemy number 1. I hate the line of the nose or curl of the ear. Nothing is perfect my mind’s eye.

Might as well be a “Saturday Night Massacre”. Bang.

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“Is It Hard To Be A Mom?”

Red Boots


The oatmeal threatens to bubble over the edge of the saucepan, the lid clanging loudly as the steamy mixture pushes against it. I stop mid-shmear and turn the flame down to low. I hate cleaning goopy, half-cooked oatmeal mixture off the burner.

I catch the faintest whiff of smoke and turn toward the pancakes just in time to see the edges char to a crisp. All those chocolate chips gone to waste. I scrape the remains into the trash and start again even though we’re already running out of time.

The goal is to get everyone out the door by 8 a.m. I resume shmearing the cream cheese. Four brown lunch bags stand smartly on the counter in front of me, eagerly awaiting their contents. They remind me of Hanukkah candles just before they’re lit — neat and upright, promising magic and surprise. In go four bright orange tangerines. I…

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California Poll – Would Deportations Make State: “Better Off” 44% – “Worse Off 39%

After almost two solid years of manipulated “national media polls” being exposed as constructed tools by political entities to create a media narrative, you would think the MSM would be embarrassed to continue selling/broadcasting these constructs. Alas, the MSM simply continue selling national polling nonsense repackaged yet carrying the same ideological intent. The new wrapper […]

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San Francisco Sues Trump’s Administration

Originally posted on THE LEON KWASI CHRONICLES: By:Leon Kwasi Kuntuo-Asare On Tuesday, the city of San Francisco became the first so-called “Sanctuary City”, to sue the Trump Administration, after his executive order to defund cities that he claims protects illegal immigrants. Ed Lee, the mayor of San Francisco, said : ” the misguided executive order…